7 Best PDF Converter for Windows

In the time we are at now, transfer of documents is becoming more rampant and the portable document format (PDF) has been the popularised way of doing it. The preferred PDF converter really narrows down to an individual and the kind of task they perform often. The essence of using PDF has become the order of the day as people are going paperless to relay information, security purposes, accelerate data collection to mention just but a few.

In a nutshell, to get the best results for your tasks, you will need the best PDF converter  to meet your satisfaction that is for sure. However, this does not happen because we are unfamiliar with the kind of converter that meets our taste. Highly profiled PDF converters should be able to perform converting routines such as Word, HTML, TXT, JPG and many others.

TalkHelper Pdf Converter

TalkHelper PDF Converter

Where quality work is needed, the top graded software, the Talkhelper PDF converter becomes the answer because it has the ability to turn your PDF files into JPG, NPG, DOC, DOCX AND HTML formats. The elegance that is brought in the game by this software makes it among the very best few PDF converters in the market. More so t is designed for the drag and drop for converting your PDF into quick editable documents. When there is the need to go digital in document conversion this would be exactly what you are looking for.


  • The software has the capacity of multi-paged conversion. This implies that it can convert more than one page of the file simultaneously.
  • Its conversion has defaulted to Word
  • Fonts, images and texting are all in the right positions hence giving a flawless job.
  • Also brings an offline full version that is the PC app and the online user.
  • It is capable of performing a multi-coloured conversion.
  • For security purposes, it has the ability to revoke or grant access to users.


  • It is easy to use as it’s of hi-tech.
  • Conversion is less stressful and efficient because of its ability to perform a multipage conversion.
  • Also has a standby customer support feature to cater to any problem that may arise.
  • Its manager and editor are fully scaled.
  • One can protect sensitive information from being accessed by wrong users.


  • When it comes to converting big files it might be a bit slow.


Nitro-Pro Pdf Converter

Nitro Pro

The Nitro Pro PDF converter has been ranked among the top leading efficient PDF to Doc converter in the market of software today. The plus advantage that has made it popular is its set of magical and incomparable features and its relatively low price. Just for a reassurance, this has been the solution that everyone has been looking as long as PDF conversion is concerned and yes it delivers even beyond expectation.  It brags about a lot of unique features as discussed below.


  • Comes with two versions, which is the online and PC app.
  • It not only creates but also converts universally compatible PDF. This means that there are no scenarios of a document opening in the PC and fails to open in other devices such as a phone.
  • One can also customize, edit and play around fonts and other styling options.
  • Courtesy of the cloud option, one can work on documents together with peers or colleagues on the go.


  • Work layout is very good per time and not only that but also neat.
  • The purchasing price is standard making it affordable.
  • The process of conversion is quite quick.
  • Not the texts or the format changes when it comes to output after conversion.
  • The cost of purchasing is low.


  • Not suitable for heavy usage and may crash Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
  • The conversion is sent to your email after conversion.
  • An online version is limited to the number of conversions to be done, that is 5 conversions per month.
  • The indexing in this software is not supported.
  • The desktop needs to be paid for.


Foxit Phantom Pdf Converter


The services of Foxit Phantom PDF converter have been exclusively and strategically built for everyone. The cloud service option is one of its outstanding features that is an eye catcher for this particular structure. This feature has developed and elevated teamwork and aid people in working together despite a difference in geographical position by creating a time that works collaboratively

Efficiency is met and well-defined version of PDF conversion is described by this software as when it comes to security, teamwork, effectiveness to mention but a few are all packaged in this software.


  • Comes with cloud service option for collaborative reviewing and analysis with peers and colleagues
  • There is the tracking option where you can keep an eye on the access to your documents.
  • One can crop, delete or even rotate pages, texts and paragraphs.
  • PDF can be converted to not only Word but also Excel and PowerPoint.


  • Its feature of PDF security grants and revokes access to documents without consent.
  • PDF management aids in tracking by indicating when opened and the reader.
  • PDF Collaboration encourages teamwork with connected reviewers or even by sending requests.
  • There is room to edit paragraphs and flow text across the page.


Icecream Pdf Converter


The name of the software tells it all about the PDF converter. A true combination of a very dynamic program and effective highly profiled PDF converter. Its unique feature of converting any document makes it outstanding. The ability to convert all your documents at a go by the touch of a single click brings an icing on the cake about the Icecream PDF and explains why it is easier to operate it. The option of the page layout that allows you to work on a section of a page gives you the reassurance that you are not making any wrong decisions. This has brought both speed and ease in a single software.


  • The page layout option allows one to work on a particular section one needs on the page.
  • Multiple files can be converted at a go making it quicker and easier
  • Has the capability of handling up to 10 pages simultaneously.
  • The need to separate PDF printer driver for creating PDFs is eliminated.
  • It comes with a perfect choice of formats.


  • Conversion is of high quality as even images maintain their qualities.
  • Easy to understand because of the straightforward interface and simplicity
  • Its metadata can be customised.


  • The page layout does not meet the expectations as the table overflows and the subheaders misaligned.
  • The larger the document being converted the longer it will take to complete the task.
  • It is unable to convert images in text and graphics.


Desktop Pdf Studios Xe


This converting software brings in the game a design of simplicity and a taste of efficiency in execution in the market. It is one of the medium grades but however delivers beyond expectations. This is the converter that I have ever heard of bringing a combination of clever conveniences and basic features. It is ideal for small business users documents are converted by simply dragging any of the standard windows to the icon which in turn starts creating PDF.


  • Has a Microsoft office toolbar button that runs the PDF creation.
  • Through Standard Window print dialogue one can create PDFs by printing them.
  • PDF annotations can be made out of conversions from converts office file.
  • The single dialogue box consolidates all PDF to one place.
  • It offers an option of PDF output quality.
  • Conversion is through dragging and dropping of files to the DeskPDF icon.


  • Security is highly observed.
  • Easy to set up output details.
  • The conversion process is direct making it even quicker.


  • The art of merging two files is not easily comprehended hence custom reviews are often complaining.


Wondershare Pdf converter


This wonder software appears simple which is encouraged for easy comprehension but what it features suits its name. The Wondershare PDF converter is undisputed when it comes to what it delivers in relation to its cost. It enables the user to get his/her job done without exerting some unnecessary effort. Just a few clicks and the rest is left for the software to handle. It is however not suggested for those who want the luxury of converting documents from both ends. Leave for this it is a recommended software for you.


  • One can edit images and texts using other file formats.
  • Through the use of freehand drawing tools, one can add shapes or highlight texts.
  • Different file formats can be merged into one PDF or even split into multiples.
  • Files can be compressed to make them easier to be uploaded with no quality loss.
  • Hyperlinks and bookmarks can be applied to save time when using lengthy documents.


  • Quality of converted PDF is amazing.
  • Any converted file is a hundred per cent compatible.
  • To protect sensitive or confidential information that may be seen in PDF form can be permanently removed commonly referred to as reacting.


  • The main layback is that it only converts files of other types to PDF but not PDF files to other files.


Pdfmate Pdf Converter


Getting a good PDF reader may not be a hustle as to find a PDF converter that is for sure. However, with the PDF Mate converter, it may cease to be a big problem. This is a versatile software ready to meet the expectations of a purchaser as it comes in handy with attracting features that any serious user would be doing him/herself if they do not acquire this pdf converter.  Credits are given to the simplicity to what the PDF Mate has brought. Lack of information on the suitable software has left many of us buying the undesired choice of product through the PDFMate converter files can be converted into the formats like TXT DOCX, JPG, SWF and even EPUB.  Here are some of the features that the PDF Mate has brought.


  • It can convert 3 scanned PDFs to the editable courtesy of the Optical Characteristic Recognition (OCR).
  • It is capable of converting PDFs to images
  • Can merge and split documents.
  • It can also change the original page size and layout to suit needs.


  • It supports multi-language and batch conversion.
  • Can customise PDF edges.
  • Has a free version that offers a limited scope of use.
  • Can convert a greater number of file options than the regular.
  • The software is simple and efficient.


  • It is limited to only 3 documents.
  • Only suitable for non-regular users as it only fits for basics.


Why You Need The Best Pdf Converter

First things first it is for security and confidential purposes. No matter what kind of business levels no one wants their sensitive information into the wrong hands. Another important reason is to go paperless. This will also give you a better idea on what to do with the paper and even ensure proper archiving and storage. In a nutshell having the best converting software is equally essential whether for small businesses or even big firms. One should also consider some factors when planning on which software to use. Here are some of the things you should be looking at;

The essential and most important is that the design interface and navigation experience is easy to use. This is something you wouldn’t take for granted if you do not want to get tired of using complex software. The quality of output must also be a prioritised factor. Who doesn’t want work of the best quality?


Many of us end up picking the wrong items maybe for a reason like having no enough information about the product they want to purchase and end up being confused by the variety poured in the market. This should not be a reason anymore more so, when it comes to choosing the best PDF converter. The preference and taste of ones converter wholly depends on the task that he/she wants to be performed.